How to access USB (Pen Drive) Firmware Number from Delphi or VB6?

I want to access/read the Firmware Number of a Pendrive attached on a USB Port of a PC.

How can I do this?

13.12.2008 11:07:04

After hunting around for a little while I found the following links which may point you in the right direction.

  1. Alan Macek
  2. USB-IF Developers Area

Edit: Mind you, you could just consult the Registry, which also stores info re the currently connected USB device. See Tracing USB Devices on XP

13.12.2008 15:23:59

this is 100% protocol/vendor dependent. There is an option to add version information to standard usb device descriptors, but assuming that every usb pen will use same mechanism is wrong.

13.12.2008 19:21:00