Good database client (MS SQL Server) with auto-complete, small memory foot-print and free? [closed]

Any sugestions?

Currently I'm using Squirell but it consumes quiet a bit of memory... I just use the sql client to run some queries and get the result but i absolutely need auto-complete of tables, columns, etc

11.12.2008 22:46:07
toebens 27.01.2009 12:36:46

RedGate who makes SQLCompare has a tool called SQL Prompt that provides:

  • Intelligent code completion for fast, accurate script building
  • Script layout for easy code readability
  • Cross-database and linked-server query support
  • Integrates with SSMS, SSMS Express, Query Analyzer and Visual Studio
  • Keyword formatting, code snippet integration, column picker and many more features

I have only tried the 14-day free trial and it was really nice to use. I mostly work in Query Analyser and it worked great there.

Nice demonstration video :

11.12.2008 23:02:54

SQL Server Management Studio Express (intellisense works only on Sql Server 2008)

11.12.2008 23:04:43