Get a file system handle to a bluetooth mapped folder

Is there any way to get code level access to a bluetooth mapped drive? The simple use case is I have a bluetooth folder in Explorer that looks something like:

"My Bluetooth Places\Entire Bluetooth Neighborhood\DEV1\OBEX File Transfer\E:\"

which maps to a device root, and I want to be able to read/write to the file system by treating it as a standard directory.

Is this possible?

11.12.2008 15:45:55

This is not possible. The way to achieve this is to open a Bluetooth serial connection to the device in question, and traverse its file system using the OBEX File Transfer profile.

16.04.2009 16:10:29

Yes, it is.

What you see in the explorer is the string representation of PIDL — a list of identifiers.

You should study COM as technology, then Shell extensions.

For what you see in the Explorer, is a virtual 'file' system. The bluetooth software extends it.

Here is a door: IShellFolder interface. Note, that it is not the best place to start learning.

9.07.2009 20:44:46