How can I add a big flash banner to the top of my Wordpress blog?

I don't know if it is possible to add a Flash banner into a Wordpress theme... Ideally, this banner would be in the header of the site always. Any ideas on how I might accomplish this?

11.12.2008 15:34:01
Adding unnecessary Flash to your site is a sure way to annoy your users.
Steve Kuo 11.12.2008 15:45:08
Could you please let me know the address of the blog where you plan to do this so I can add it to my "This way there be dragons" list?
EBGreen 11.12.2008 16:10:16
The question is difficult to answer in it's current form. If you are having problems editing a particular template, consider posting the relevant snippets from it, how you expect it to work, and how it is not working. If you're asking as a WordPress user rather than a theme developer, I'd suggest using would be a better place.
roryf 22.08.2012 13:22:59

You need to edit the corresponding .php file that contains your banner (I don't know what version of WordPress you're using).

The code will be resource-intensive and ugly, though.

12.12.2008 15:28:39
"resource-intensive and ugly" - that's a pretty broad statement!
grapefrukt 12.12.2008 08:12:05
Thank you for expressing your opinion with a downvote. And I was talking about the code, not Flash.
Robert S. 12.12.2008 15:26:47

Yes, it's very much possible. What I would recommend is to use swfobject to replace the your current header with a Flash movie. This way it will degrade gracefully for everyone that lacks a proper flash player, and also you get the benefit of proper google indexing.

12.12.2008 08:11:29