How to use SQL Server Compact Edition (CE) from Java?

I want to access Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition databases from Java. How can I do that? I searched for JDBC driver for SQLCE, but I didn't find any.

11.12.2008 02:48:18

According to a newsgroup post sent this Tuesday (2008-12-09) by Jimmy Wu@Mircrosoft:

The Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver does not support connecting to SQL Server Compact. At this time there isn't a scheduled JDBC support for SQL Server Compact edition. Thank-you for your continuing support of SQL Server.

Sincerely, Jimmy Wu

13.12.2008 08:49:25

According to MSDN, there isn't one and there aren't any plans neither.

11.12.2008 03:00:07

Search for the SqlJDBC4 library. I know a coworker uses it.

11.12.2008 09:19:22
From reading the MS site it seems that it does not support SQL CE.
redsolo 18.12.2012 09:02:36

Good tutorial sqljdbc-tut

Latest driver (in tech preview) is sqljdbc-jars

12.12.2008 05:39:40

While I'm not familiar with SQL Server CE, I presume that MS provides an ODBC driver for it. Although it is not recommended for production use, you can use the JDBC-ODBC bridge to make your connection.

Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:<yourODBC_DSN>"); 

To reiterate, the JDBC-ODBC Bridge driver provided with JDBC is recommended only for development and testing, or when no other alternative is available.

18.12.2008 17:50:02
No, there is no ODBC driver for SQL Server CE, and there are apparently no plans for one.
Gord Thompson 20.08.2014 15:28:06