Is there a way to open a link in a frame and suppress all popups on the external site?

I'm wondering if it's possible to open a link to another site, in a frame (or by some other means), and suppress the 1-2 popups that load on the external site.

10.12.2008 15:41:32

I don't think there is an easy way to accomplish this. Your best bet would be to have a page on your server act as a proxy for fetching the page from the other site, then modify the html you get back to remove pop ups. Not an easy task, but possible. As a POC, you could explicitly target the popups you know about by looking for the page url they open.

10.12.2008 15:47:17
Yah that's what I figured, unfortunately, thats not an option.
user15063 10.12.2008 16:34:12
Why is it not an option?
Bob 10.12.2008 17:58:40
Because I need to actually link to the external site, otherwise it defeats the whole purpose.
user15063 10.12.2008 18:17:33