Can you extract the value of strings from an IBM PHD java heap dump?

I have a PHD format heap dump from an IBM jvm and I wish to examine the values of some strings. With the Sun JVM's binary hprof dumps this is possible, but I haven't been able to recover this information from an IBM dump.

I've tried:

  1. Eclipse Memory Analyzer ( with IBM's DTFJ Portal Heap Dump Reader (
  2. IBM Support Assistant ( with Memory Dump Diagnostic for Java (
  3. Running "strings" over the dump file
  4. Converting to text dump with from svcdump.jar found in mdd4j (

In the Eclipse Memory Analyzer I can view the char array inside a String, but all the entries in the array are zero. I also can't see any of the primitive attributes on any objects.

IBM hint that they do store the values of primitive types at

This was made possible by using a Java DataOutputStream class which allows the output of Java primitive data types in a portable binary format.

I'm using Java 5.0:

2XHOSLEVEL     OS Level         : AIX 5.3
2XHCPUS        Processors -
3XHCPUARCH       Architecture   : ppc64
3XHNUMCPUS       How Many       : 8
1CIJAVAVERSION J2RE 5.0 IBM J9 2.3 AIX ppc64-64 build j9vmap6423-20070426
1CIVMVERSION   VM build 20070420_12448_BHdSMr
14.10.2009 00:47:28

The *.phd doesn't contains the values. This is a "portable" format. To see the values you need a full system dump that produce much bigger file.

29.06.2010 17:46:25