Netbeans project in Eclipse

I am Java beginner. I have developed only two Java desktop applications and I use Eclipse as IDE. Right now I wanted to work on this project All code is in Netbeans. I suceeded to import all libraries that are used in source files in eclipse, and I have no errors showing in code in Eclipse. The problem is that I don't know how to run that code from eclipse. I don't know which class has main method.

Using google I found out that Netbeans uses org.netbeans.core.startup.Main.main to start projects, but I cant't find this in my libraries. Does anyone know in which .jar does this class come with netbeans 5.5 files. ??


P.S. I must use Eclipse because I have a team of 3 men who have also only used Eclipse in the past, and we need this code to help us in similar project for college.

13.10.2009 23:05:26
NetBeans isn't that different from Eclipse.
Michael Myers♦ 13.10.2009 23:24:47
Somehow it strikes me as a bit odd to insist on developing a project based on the Netbeans Platform in Eclipse...
fvu 13.10.2009 23:31:54

You can find the core.jar file that contains Main class under:

C:\Program Files\NetBeans 5.5\platform10\core\

You can simply include that in your Eclipse Java Build path.

13.10.2009 23:23:18
Thank you, that worked great. Now I have the error complaining about netbeans.user property not being set when I try to run from Eclipse.
azec-pdx 14.10.2009 10:01:19
Try running in NetBeans; you'll save yourself a lot of trouble configuring the project, and the learning curve coming from Eclipse isn't that steep.
Michael Myers♦ 14.10.2009 14:00:28