Convert VB.NET event with multiple event arguments to C#

I'm in the process of transplanting a unit test written in VB.NET to the larger project written in C#. However, this little ditty has me looking for help:

Public Sub object_DataChange(ByVal TransactionID As Integer, _
                             ByVal NumItems As Integer, _
                             ByRef ClientHandles As System.Array, _
                             ByRef ItemValues As System.Array, _
                             ByRef Qualities As System.Array, _
                             ByRef TimeStamps As System.Array) _
                             Handles myObject.DataChange

    '' Does event code here
End Sub

What is the best way to convert this event? Also, is this a good instance to use EventHandler<> to consolidate my arguments into a structure?

13.10.2009 22:04:58
Just a tip. If I'm not mistaken SharpDevelop has a feature to convert to C# code. So if you have a lot of code to convert, that might be worth checking out.
Pete 13.10.2009 22:15:31

In this case, you're actually demonstrating an event handler vs. an event. C# does not have the Handles clause notion that VB.NET has. Instead you must manually assign an event handler to an event like so:

myObject.DataChange += this.object_DataChange;

And correspondingly, when you're done with the event you should remove the handler like so:

myObject.DataChange -= this.object_DataChange;

The actual event handler can be translated as follows.

void object_DataChange(
    int TransactionID,
    int NumItems,
    ref System.Array ClientHandles,
    ref System.Array ItemValues,
    ref System.Array Quantities,
    ref System.Array TimeStamps) {
29.07.2012 22:35:28