iPhone Web Service Communication

I have been searching around the web all day for the best way to interface my iPhone application with a Linq .NET SOAP web service.

I think that this project is my answer: wsdl2objc http://code.google.com/p/wsdl2objc/wiki/UsageInstructions

The software creates several classes. It looks great, but the documentation is very limited and I am having trouble getting it to work. Does anyone know of a good tutorial or sample code for me?

Are there any similar projects out there to help with objective c web service digestion?

13.10.2009 22:04:32

Sounds like MonoTouch can do .NET on iPhone. Then it won't be a problem to consume web service.


15.10.2009 08:11:32
I don't see why he should use .NET on iPhone. Isn't one of the advantages of SOAP to be language/framework agnostic?
Agos 15.10.2009 08:17:14
If a guy is already familiar with .NET on the server side development, utilize the same tech on the client side can boost productivity I think.
Lex Li 5.11.2009 03:59:43

I think soap protocol too heavy for Iphone enviroment when you play with large amonut data, you should use RestFull-WCF for .net server side that is a good example for you Creating RESTful Web Services with Windows Communication Foundation and youuse Json object on the client side (i mean objective-c onto Iphone) Httpriod

My suggestion is if you can use these, you won't have any performance problems.

Good lock

2.11.2009 12:08:29