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I am searching for an online resource referring to data structures and algorithms. Basicaly what I am interested in, is a kind of comprehensive list of things such as: when a data structure or algorithm is used, pros and cons compared to each other, real life-problem usage, etc.

I have a couple of popular books on the subject, like "introduction to algorithms" and "algorithm design manual", and have found code implementations of various data structures and algorithms online. But what I can't find is a web page listing them all together.

So I am looking for a reference online page, where I can have an overview of all those structures (lists, maps, sets, trees, queues and their various implementations and ideally searching or sorting algos - merge sort, quick sort, their big-O performance, etc), perhaps all in a tabular format, with their features, comparisons and general uses listed together.

Not sure if such resource exists. I would appreciate any pointing to the right direction.

Many thanks in advance

13.10.2009 22:03:10
should be community wiki
SilentGhost 13.10.2009 22:08:07
I am not sure I understand, you mean I can search for individual community wikis on each structure or algorithm?
user189441 13.10.2009 22:29:08
This site has good explanations on the topics. Comparison of Sorting Algorithms
Chinmay Nerurkar 27.01.2012 18:04:27

Did you try on Wikipedia?
There are different good pages about data structures, like this one on queues.

Have fun!

13.10.2009 22:06:24

Please try following link: Dictionary of algorithms

4.02.2014 22:56:54
Yes,'s list is impressive!
Bart Kiers 14.10.2009 11:29:08

I am not sure of the kind of resource you are looking for exists but there are some very good university classes on which will surely help you to revise the concept of data structures and algorithms.

  1. Data structure class by Prof. Jonathan at UC, Berkeley is really good on youtube is very good, link here.
  2. Academic Earth CS Lectures
  3. Berkeley Webcast Links
13.10.2009 23:48:18

It is best to search through University websites ... they have a lot of resources on that matter ... for example

14.10.2009 11:26:41

MIT Online has a lot of good resources

20.07.2013 06:50:35

Here is a website showing Big O analysis comparisons of algos

24.11.2013 15:27:52