WPF, WCF Security using ASP.Net Authentication

I am building an application that has a WCF service that a WPF and ASP.Net MVC client will connect to.

I want to use the ASP.Net Membership providers for authentication for both the MVC and WPF clients.

What is the best way to go about this? I have read a number of articles on-line (see below) and tried following them through but keep running into errors.

13.10.2009 21:28:24
what errors do you keep running into? Whats the hurdle? The certificates?
curtisk 15.10.2009 18:45:53
Yea it seems to be mainly certificates that are causing the problem. Will log the errors when I am on the machine with the code again.
Burt 16.10.2009 08:22:58

Try checking this CodePlex WCF Security Link, it provides a number of scenarios with pretty complete checklists for the configuration of the security setup. Hopefully there will be a scenario that will be close to yours that you can go through and check things against.

22.10.2009 16:53:42