Printing PDf issue

Most of the print pdf library I ran into requires drawing tables, layouts etc. Which library can simply print the web page in pdf format without requiring too much coding? Any pointers will be greatly appreciated

13.10.2009 18:45:29

The best solution that is free that I've located is this: (PHP)

The best non-free solution is here: (.NET) (Java)
13.10.2009 18:50:51

Free* .Net Tool: ABC PDF

*ABCpdf is normally priced at $329. However as a special offer we'll give you a free license key - all you have to do is link back to our web site...

15.10.2009 13:39:12
Not exactly free: "Licenses for ABCpdf .NET are $329 per installed copy"
Mike Brind 14.10.2009 11:48:12
You can get a free license if you backlink/review the product for them.
brendan 15.10.2009 13:40:30