How to get a particular attribute from XML element in SQL Server

I have something like the following XML in a column of a table:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <param name="paramA" value="valueA" />
  <param name="paramB" value="valueB" />

I am trying to get the valueB part out of the XML via TSQL

So far I am getting the right node, but now I can not figure out how to get the attribute.

select xmlCol.query('/container/param[@name="paramB"]') from LogTable

I figure I could just add /@value to the end, but then SQL tells me attributes have to be part of a node. I can find a lot of examples for selecting the child nodes attributes, but nothing on the sibling atributes (if that is the right term).

Any help would be appreciated.

13.10.2009 15:44:41

Try using the .value function instead of .query:

  xmlCol.value('(/container/param[@name="paramB"]/@value)[1]', 'varchar(50)') 

The XPath expression could potentially return a list of nodes, therefore you need to add a [1] to that potential list to tell SQL Server to use the first of those entries (and yes - that list is 1-based - not 0-based). As second parameter, you need to specify what type the value should be converted to - just guessing here.


13.10.2009 15:54:10
I have dynamic nodes in the field like <l> <r id="2" /> <r id="5" /> </l> By using the your give query I am able to read according to index. Means When I'll give index as a 1, it will display 2 and when i'll give index 2, it will display 5 but I requires both nodes. so would you please suggest me how to do it !
pixelbyaj 13.09.2013 07:34:03
I am having trouble using this for a boolean. I tried using 'boolean' and 'System.Boolean' as second params and received an error. If i do varchar it returns all nulls. My xml line looks like: <Property Name="param" Value="True" Type="System.Boolean" />
Zac 6.01.2015 16:32:54
@Zeb: SQL Server doesn't have a boolean type - it has BIT - or you might just need to read it as an INT and then process it further
marc_s 6.01.2015 16:45:11

Depending on the the actual structure of your xml, it may be useful to put a view over it to make it easier to consume using 'regular' sql eg

    c.p.value('@name', 'varchar(10)') name,
    c.p.value('@value', 'varchar(10)') value
    CROSS APPLY x.nodes('/container/param') c(p)

-- now you can get all values for paramB as...
SELECT value FROM vwLogTable WHERE name = 'paramB'
13.10.2009 22:39:01
Why does xmlCol.value('(/container/param[@name="paramB"]/@value)[1]', 'varchar(50)') not work for me but just .value('@value', 'vharchar(50)') does work? Hmmmmm.
AndyClaw 28.08.2013 18:58:01