Why isn't c++ offered as a code-behind language for asp.net?

I was curious why C++ isn't offered as a code-behind language for ASP.NET applications?

13.10.2009 15:28:10

If you are interested, here's some interesting articles about how you could use managed C++ as your code-behind:

13.10.2009 15:32:26

Most ASP.NET applications run in limited trust modes. And C++ generally compiles into something that requires higher trust levels.

13.10.2009 15:32:11

C++ is supported, but as another answer says - most C++ apps require a higher level trust mode that ASP.NET cannot support. You can, however, use C++ to create assemblies and web components that can then be consumed by ASP.NET & IIS.

There is a project to include C++ as a code-behind language.

Article on creating consumable assemblies

13.10.2009 15:32:14

I do not have the answer. However for hardcore c++ guys who want to develop ASP.NET apps in C++, you can always build your core logic etc in a separate project/assembly. You can't run away from VB.NET or C# totally though.

13.10.2009 15:35:40