scrolling text within a div

In a page I'm working on I have html container for a div height not more than 200px, however I need to fit in a text that requires 300px and I don't want to show the scroll-bar on the right side so I'm looking for some ways/plug-ins in order to scroll the text within the div. I'd like to be able to scroll down, to scroll up and to stop the scrolling.

Any suggestions about?

13.10.2009 13:25:49
I'm confused, you don't want a scroll bar, but you want to be able to scroll? Does that mean you want another button for scrolling?
Matt 13.10.2009 13:29:04
13.10.2009 13:31:20

Set the style overflow:auto for the div. To control scrolling only in Y, set overflow-y:auto, overflow-x:hidden

13.10.2009 13:27:54

Try jScrollPane - I've used it and it works quite well.

13.10.2009 13:30:06