iPhone-SDK: миниатюры изображений в представлении контроллера iPhone

I have 8 images in my project which has 320 * 480 pixels(full screen image). I need to show all the images in thumbnail format in a view (same like how we see in built-in Cameral Roll). When user selects one, it should display that image with the same actual size (320 * 480) as background of my first view.

May i know how to achieve this? Could someone please help me on this?

thank you.

Anyone Please?


13.10.2009 11:39:07

You might consider incorporating the TTPhotoViewController from the Open Source Three20 library. It's essentially a work-alike for the image viewer in the Photos app. (There's also a lot of other good stuff in there.)

30.11.2011 05:47:02
Thank you. But can i include that files in my project? Does it open license?
Getsy 14.10.2009 13:42:53
I also have an idea from a person that i can have a thumbnail kind of button(s) with image(s) in the background, which will suit for developing such concept.
Getsy 14.10.2009 14:48:19
can i add title for each thumb through Three20 api
NIKHIL 29.11.2011 20:05:11
Like the Photos app, the thumbnail grid doesn't display captions. But you can provide captions, and they will be seen in the full-screen view.
Sixten Otto 30.11.2011 05:48:00